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Order Kitava catering for your next office lunch, social gathering, or holiday party!
Kitava offers buffet-style catering and individually boxed meals for large groups. Please complete our catering interest form below to get started.
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What's your name, stranger? *

We're Bryan, Kat, Julian, and Todd. We run catering for Kitava. Let's not be strangers for much longer.
What's the occasion you would like to have catered?

Approximately how many guests are you expecting?

We're excited to cater your event, whether it's a 50-person happy hour or 500-person lunch.
Are you leaning toward a buffet or individually boxed meals?

We recommend buffet-style catering trays for most events. Serving spoons, plates, utensils and napkins will be provided for free. There may be an extra charge for individually boxed meals.

Do any of your guests have allergies and/or dietary restrictions?

Rest assured, our catering menu is 100% free of gluten, dairy, corn, peanuts, refined sugar, soy and seed oils.
What day is the event?

We offer catering Monday to Saturday (we're closed on Sundays).
At what time would you like the food to be served?

What's the name of your company or organization, if any?

What's the address of the location where the event will be held?

We deliver to most of San Francisco.
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